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Hi Patrice,

I agree, that is a much easier and smoother way of doing it but my only problem with that is that there is a chance you will have two fresh Prussian corps on the table at the start of the game. One being directly in the flank of the French. Whilst I’m all for challenging games, it might be of limited enjoyment to the French player.

Whereas if you only start rolling from between turn 4 to turn 6 for the arrival, the French get a few turns to make use of their wonderful Chassepot’s, with which the French infantry were superb shots. The starting Prussian corps gets mauled, the fresh Prussian corps then becomes the primary focus on the flank and the French are forced to urgently re-organise on the fresh division and even make desperate localised counter-attacks or stalling cavalry charges to buy time for their re-deployment. If this occurred, then it would be a true reflection of the events of 1870 and present the same challenges faced by the historical commanders for both players.

A French victory could also be called if the French are able to secure one of the roads leading off on the Prussian deployment long edge. A draw would be called if the Prussians control one village and the French are deemed as at least contesting the remaining village.


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