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Angel Barracks

You’ve mentioned more than once that you’re going for a Persian/Iranian fantasy feel. I like the sound of that, but just out of curiosity, what made you home in on that culture, specifically? And is there any specific period of Persian history you’re thinking of especially?

Nothing historical really, just like the general sort of look/feel.

Partly due to wanting my hero to be far from home, partly as the Arnie films are often set in the south and in dry arid areas.
Partly wanting to not do European style green games as many do (nothing wrong with that but since when I have been conventional).
Partly as I am hoping to offer a product that is a bit less conventional.
Partly as him being pretty naked kind of makes more sense, can’t have him in the frozen wastes in his pants!

No single thing really, just lots of little bits that kind of steered me that way.