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Speaking from the other side of the counter, we were uncertain what gamers expected when it came to support, some join mailing lists, some seek out dedicated forums, some expect little at all, etc…

So we try to make ourselves as available as possible.

To-date we receive and answer questions via the following channels:

• phone – not common, but it does happen
• direct e-mail – fairly common
• Yahoo! Groups mailing list – seems to go in bursts
• various online forums – none dedicated
• via Facebook – rare but it happens that we receive a question there

We also try to provide a lot of supporting material on our website that players might care about, from stuff aimed more at pre-sales questions like 3rd-party reviews, samples of the rules, etc… to stuff you’ll need when playing, like the Quick Reference Guides in various scales and the Second Edition Errata.


The Bandit