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Guy Farrish

Depends whether you think Jason King,  playboy Lothario, writer, part time spy in Department S using a wargame to entertain a lady during a prolonged weekend amour is positive or not. The episode used to be on You Tube but seems to have been removed – no doubt a media conspiracy against wargamers (or possibly a copyright issue).

The Peter Cushing wargaming Pathe Newsreel seemed positive but is from a different era when the default position of everyone wasn’t extracting the urine from anything that didn’t involve football or violence as a male pastime.

The Daily/Sunday(?) Telegraph piece in the 70s on the Sandhurst, Paddy Griffith Umpired wargame of Op Sealion using various contemporaneous ‘celebrity’ Generals and senior Air Staff (Galland for one) was certainly positive.

More recently one has to have a ‘wry’ or postmodern take on anything to get it into the press for some reason – but you can do it – I’ve been party to several mostly positive press write ups of wargames. And frankly I’d put up with a ‘what a geek’ approach if the general message went out that it was fun and vaguely educational.

My favourite media portrayal is not of wargaming per se but military figure collecting/painting by Max von Sydow as the professional hit man in the film Three Days of the Condor. If its good enough for the knight who played chess against Death, its good enough for me.

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