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I didn’t say “new”, just “better”. Although I do see that Rod has already posted that ten interesting facts about the Sea Peoples link. That’s certainly better than nativist politics disguised as historical analysis!

But yeah, the only thing new I’ve seen in the last couple of years is this battle site they’ve dug up in Germany. It was a huge battle by the standards of the time — potentially Kadesh-sized. And yet we know of no cities that were nearby. So what the hell was going on? And the tine is too close to the Sea Peoples invasions for it likely to be a coincidence.

Some theories think a big migrations was coming out of the Danube Valley. That would account for both the Sea Peoples and the Baltic battle. And you’re right: the thing to be looking for is weather patterns. Or perhaps evidence of thousand year floods in the Danube Valley around this time.



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