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Great article. I also clicked on ‘Pelasgian’ (that catch-all phrase for the evidently darker-skinned pre-Greeks who the Hellenes mingled with) which indicated a possible link with the Sea Peoples. One of my favourite early Greek poets, Simonides, was shunned because he was “dark & ugly” compared to his other blondely beautiful family members. Wonderful to speculate that the Sea Peoples were pre-Indo-Europeans, cast into turmoil by climate change & spreading havoc both north & south.

There are so many tantalising little hints & references in Greek history that we will never fully understand.

Minor point: why are houses built on piles only to protect against inundation? Such a building technique both helps with cooling (& that part of Italy can bake in summer) & with minimising vermin in the dwelling. I feel so smart…..