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Rod Robertson


While Qarqar (mid 9th Century BCE) is the first historical reference to the military use of camelry, there are references in the Bible to a battle between Amalekites and wandering Israelites led by Joshua where camel-mounted Amalekite archers fall upon the Israelites at Rephidim. Dating the exodus (if it ever really happened) is difficult but dates between 1446 BCE and 1200 BCE are widely accepted for scholars who give creadence to the Exodus story. Thus there is some circumstantial evidence for camel-mounted cavalry/mounted-archers somewhere between c. 1450-1200 BCE.

Chariots were quite well established and used by this time as well, having first appeared in the 18th Century BCE. If your force is a descendant of the Hyksos Asiatics expelled from Egypt in the early 16th Century BCE, then chariots would seem likely for at least command elements and quite possibly would be more widely available to your forces. If your force is more closely modelled on the foot-bound Apiru or early Cannanite traditions then few if any chariots would be available.

As has been been said above, there is great uncertainty concerning the types and chronology of military technology and culture during the late Bronze Age and the dawn of the Iron Age, so I think you can cut yourself some slack and endulge your fancies a bit. My Early Hittites and New Kingdom Egyptians have fought and been allied with everything  from grubby leper hordes, to Cananite hill men, to Cananite Charioteers, to Hurrian Charioteers, to Sea People forces of all description, to Amalekites and Moabites with camels in baggage and occasional camelry. If I ever get my Minoans/Achaeans fully done then the mix will become even more heterogeneous and colourful. It seems to me that  you have great latitude in this and thus I would argue to follow your bliss here.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.