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Colin Ashton

Hi Henry

I play the Franco-Prussian and, my favourite, the Austro-Prussian Wars in 28mm (yep! but I have a big table) using a slightly modified version of Black Powder. They work really well and have produced some extremely exciting and challenging games.  My armies for the Austro-Prussian war lean heavily towards the campaign in western Germany where the forces engaged/involved were much smaller than in Bohemia, but even the initial battles on the frontier can (and have) been fought perfectly well in 28mm given that they’re usually only a corps or so on each side. As long as the players adopt the historical tactics for the armies concerned then some great games can be had. We’ve certainly managed to reflect the periods well; plenty of silly Austrian storm columns getting shot to pieces for example. I’ve tried other rules as well as Black Powder but even rules specific to either of the wars either don’t ‘feel’ right or are too clunky for my liking.

There are loads of pictures of my collection and game reports on my blog for anyone who may be interested http://carryingsonupthedale.blogspot.co.uk

I jokingly (?) keep thinking that I must get painting as the summer of 2016 sees the 150th anniversary of the Austro-Prussian War and the Battle of Konigratz! Now THAT would be a hell of a game in 28mm!!!!!!!! And a magazine article…….