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The other working title is “A Metric F*ckton of Milans”. ­čÖé

I went over the math again last night and it looks pretty solid to me: you can convert the whole buckets of dice system into a simple differential CRT.

Yes, you lose some granularity, because everything has to be translated into fractions of 16%. But it is actually surprisingly little, ┬ábecause FFoT is pretty radical in its effects: effectively, if you have -3 Pen versus Armor, you can’t hurt the enemy and it you have +5, it’s pretty much a guaranteed kill.

What I am not sure this system can do is take into acccount the entire sweep of warfare from 1915 to 2015, as FFoT does. But if all you want to do is classic “Red Star / White Star”, up tp the introduction of advanced munitions and composite armors, it should work fine.

So for an imagination rules set situated at the height of the Cold War, I think it would work very well and be much quicker than FFOW. Again, with the caveat that it will be Panzerblitz to FFoTs Advanced Squad Leader.

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