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Dear Mr Fruity hat ๐Ÿ™‚ You could actually reduce it to a single roll if you wanted to, by combining the to hit and damage/kill probabilities. It gets a bit โ€œdiceyโ€ to figure all out if you are only using d6s (which is what I have done for my own armour rules), but it does work. I think some long time armour players find it weird to at least not have a to hit and effect rolls. But making reference sheets becomes pretty easy.


Modern Spearhead does this. I posted a longer response on the PicoArmor War College forum.

My personal view nowadays is not to modify rules sets (having done it a lot in the past). It always has unintended 2nd and 3rd order effects and screws up the system. You’re better off just picking the rules set that is closest to what you want, accept the few little things you might not be happy about, and play the rules as written. JMHO.