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You can go up to 21.50 to facilitate the purchase of two small packs.

Again, as long as your purchases don’t drastically  change the combat value of your armies, feel free to swap about. I am building two armies from odds and sods lying about my bits box. If I were doing it strictly to the letter of the rules, for example, I’d have one type of armored car. In fact, I have two essentially equal armored cars because I had eight of one type left over from one project and seven of another left over from a second project. So fifteen functionally equal armored cars it is: a pack’s worth.

Why are the small packs so expensive? Because everythhing comes pre-packed from Poland, meaning the Johns have to rip open packs and repackage your figs by hand to get those small packs.


We get slapped around, but we have a good time!