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I’d love to recommend Through the Mud and the Blood but they’re too small scale for you. The only others that come to mind are Warhammer Great War (out of print and extortionate prices 2nd hand) and FoW Great War (still 1:1 but multi based).
Not much help I’m sure.
You could try Blitzkrieg Commander. It’s a WWII set but uses one stand:one section (or platoon- up to you). As long as you have the WWI OOBs you should be OK. Might need some tweaking to represent bombers, rifle grenadiers and lmg sections. These are just rolled into the stats for WWII as everybody had a go but they operated in distinct, specialised sections in WWI.
And I would still recommend TtMatB just for the historical notes and organisations. Invaluable, especially the artillery section.

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