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Bloody Hell. I knew people spoke of the smaller packs not being economical, but $3 for 5 miniatures is ridiculous when it is $3.50 for a pack of 15. Going to have to rejig my plans a bit, as I had in my head that I would be able to pick up a few smaller packs to pad out the interesting choices to get me to the $21 mark.

Yeah, you have to make more hard choices than you’d think! I had some options in my mind and then sat down and priced it out and it couldn’t be done. The part pack prices are the killer – you basically need to work out an ORBAT based on full packs to get a decent amount of troops. So I need to re-think things too.
Not knowing the battle size doesn’t help. I’m starting to think we need to put a ballpark figure on it so that we have an idea what sized force we’re aiming to field? This would basically be the upper limit for the attacker (randomly determined) in the scenario (randomly determined). The defender usually gets a percentage of this total.
My mate John and I played a campaign a while back using the FFT campaign system and scenarios. For individual battles we had an upper limit of 7500 points. This seemed to work well, resulting in forces of up to Brigade size for poorer quality Soviet-style troops and about battalion size for western style troops. I think this is about right. The only thing is, the period of our campaign was present day, so the more modern troop types were more expensive in points values. So for the timeframe up to 1975, I’d suggest revising the upper total DOWN to 5000 points. Thoughts?
Now that I’m thinking through the detail of the challenge, there are a few other things to clarify. I’m currently working on the assumption of bases being single vehicles or infantry bases of 4-5 minis? Does this sound right?
Otherwise, @Splod, I have an alternate proposal for our own personal challenge? I’d be happy to agree on using multi-basing for each platoon base. You mentioned in an earlier post that the attraction of 3mm for you is multi-basing? I also usually multi-base my minis, so it would make the minis useable with my existing forces before and after the challenge (when I win!!). My minis are generally based 4 AFVs to a base (anywhere from 3-5 is fine)  and 20-30 infantry on bases averaging 40mm square (more detail on my basing system is on my blog if you need precise details).
Believe it or not, you can still get a reasonable number of multi-based forces for the $21.50 limit if we’re playing a game in the range I suggest above. Each pack of 15 AFVs will net you about 4-5 bases of AFVs (about 1.5 companies) and 3-4 bases of infantry (1 to 1.3 companies). Some examples:
  • at the top end (mini-numbers wise), you could do a full Regiment (!!) of Soviet Style Tanks (albeit with very little to no support) – 3x 30-tank battalions if based in six half-company stands (each of 5 tanks) per battalion. If you reduce each stand to 4 minis, you would only need 72 minis (5 packs), so you’d have a pack freed up for some support (eg. 2x 3-mini part-packs each for a platoon stand of BRDM recce and an ATGM platoon?, or a full pack to make a regimental BRDM-2 ATGM company of 3 platoons).
  • A more balanced force could be 4x packs of tanks (= 60 tanks, in 2x battalions) and a pack each of BMPs and Infantry (enough for a MR Company to support one of the battalions, plus a recce platoon).
  • Or two packs of western style tanks (=30 tanks = 7-8 platoons), plus two packs of APCs/IFVs (again 7-8 platoons), plus two packs of Infantry (I’d buy a pack of Inf and a pack of Support weapons, again for about 6 platoons of infantry and a couple of support platoons). This could give you two infantry companies (in APCs/IFVs) and two large tank companies, along with some mounted support (eg. ATGM, HMG, Recce, Engineers) platoons. Basically a combined arms battle-group of 4 companies plus support.
My gut feeling is that by using single-basing we’d either end up not being able to field the majority of the minis purchased in the game, or otherwise with massive (up to divisional sized!) formations on-table if everything was fielded. From experience, I think the latter would be unworkable in FFT, which plays well up to about brigade level before it bogs down.
Let me know what you think?
PS – For those using the FFT system, remember to adjust the points value for Quality when pricing your forces. It can make a big difference if they stray either side of Average quality.
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