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I hope I won’t annoy the rest of the TWW community keeping this thread alive with updates on what I’ve been catching up on. I’ve watched (with a lot of forward-skipping) a playthrough of the first Starcraft game and its expansion. Even though the gameplay strikes me as excruciatingly rote in the long run (rather like what I remember of playing Warcraft and Warcraft 2 back in the day) and I don’t care for the abstraction nor some of the concessions of realism (units being different scales, military forces having to gather hocus-pocus resources as part of front-line warfare, etc), the story is interesting enough and I must admit to having a strange fascination with the Starcraft universe in regard to theme, mood and aesthetic. It’s also just made me realise the 15mm Hydra Miniatures Akarr that I already own are obviously meant to be imitations of Protoss (how in the name of Adun did I miss that fact earlier??). I’ve now gotten started with Starcraft 2 and it’s looking much cooler so far.

Meanwhile I’ve been getting a hankering for some fantasy to break the relative monotony of sci-fi, and for some reason I felt drawn to the Castlevania series specifically. I’ve started from the very beginning (the primitive old NES games) but fortunately those early games didn’t take very long to watch through and some of the bitpop music is very catchy. (Castlevania 2 still wasn’t worth the time, but ah well). I aim to get at least as far as Symphony of the Night, where it seems to me the Castlevania aesthetic really starts to come into its own with the delectably Yoshitaka Amano-esque visual style of Ayami Kojima. I rather do enjoy that uniquely Japanese interpretation of western-style dark fantasy (even if it is nowadays considered somewhat passé due to having become strongly associated with turn-of-the-millennium goth subculture, but I digress).

Another fantasy game that I really need to check out is Journey. From screenshots, it looks astonishingly inspirational.


I refuse to play The Last of Us. Mainly because I did not have a console at the time, but also because having watched the first 2 hours on YouTube I decided I didn’t want that emotional trauma in my life.

Funnily, TLOU is almost the only zombie (or pseudo-zombie as the case may be) apocalypse story that my body hasn’t rejected. It’s rough going at times when the story takes some anguish-inducing dark turns, but ultimately I find it to be a more beautiful and humanistic saga than anything else I’ve ever watched, read or played in the post-apoc genre.

Still, I may not be able to handle watching or playing TLOU 2. Some things are just too sacred to mess around with