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IrishM: yes, probably. I presume you are looking for the SMAW to go with our current modern range?

Katie: Nice idea, I’ll pass it to Chas

IrishS: I’m looking at the Cold War era US at the moment. The switch from LCE to ALICE half way is a pain but a 1970-1980 range is a possibility, along with the French (usable in info-china too)

The mineclearing pack is nice, but again when I do the Cold War soviets as a range (which may be soon)

I do usually add a ‘command’ pack to the range, which has 3 random poses in 8 figures, to be used as section/squad, platoon or company commanders

Noted on the aircraft

And I was just toying with the East German helmet, as I’m not sure the Ines I have seen really have the shape right, but I’m trying to make sure I can do better!


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