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Jemima Fawr


Re-modelled and expanded US for me, please (especially ‘pre-Kevlar’)!


I’d also appreciate a limited OT-64/SKOT range:

OT-64 or SKOT-1 (turretless with pintle LMG or HMG options)

SKOT-2 (turretless, though with a superstructure and pintle LMG or HMG)

VSOT-64/R2 or SKOT-R2 (command variant of SKOT-2)

OT-64A or SKOT-2A (SKOT-2 with BPU 14.5mm turret, as fitted to BRDM-2 and BTR-60PB)

SKOT-2AP (SKOT-2 with bespoke high-angle 14.5mm turret)

NB The OT-64 designations are Czech.  The SKOT designations are Polish.  Some Polish SKOT variants were not used by the Czechs.


While you’re doing the SMAW, could you also do a USMC FLASH incendiary rocket launcher bloke?

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