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Rod Robertson


I would like to second the call for the OT-64A/SKOT-2A and would add a turreted OT-65 to the mix. But I’m delirious that Cougars, Grizzlies and LAV III’s are in the pipeline so I will not be greedy. If it’s not too niche a product (and it probably is) an M-113 TUA suitable for Norwegian and Canadian use might be nice. Another possibility would be the Iltis Jeep. Way out on the galactic rim of niche markets might be the ADATS SPSAM/SPATGM system.

Geoff and Chas, thanks for doing such a fine job and being so responsive to the desires of the gaming community. You do the hobby proud and your efforts are most appreciated. Bravo gents.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.