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Rod Robertson


I use Ivan’s NEIS for small engagements of fire-team to a couple of sections per side, FoF for larger games of platoon to pseudo-company strength (for the insurgents) and I am trying to adapt (unsuccessfully to date) the old Battleground WWII rules system for a modern milieu.

I want to explore the more long range combat along with manoeuvre to close to contact in ultramodern warfare. I play 1:1 figure and vehicle ratios and want to do some scenarios where Insurgents have to try to close with Coalition forces which are using heavy weapons like MG or AGL armed Humvee’s, MRAP’s or UK Jaguars. I also want to better simulate distant over-watch fire from heavy weapons and snipers during close combat between Coalition forces and insurgents who are otherwise at close range. I’ve got all sorts of technicals and heavy weapons for the insurgents which I would like to see deployed and used realistically in distant support of close combat. I also have a wider range of support for Coalition forces.

Cheers and good gaming.

The Rod Robertson.