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Bish, I think we can safely say that the size of the game will be brigade-sized. 


Yeah ok, I’m not going to swim against the tide and ask for a points value any more. I’ll work on building a force of brigade sized or less.

As I pointed out, brigade-size is about the upper limit you can do with FFT within a reasonable 3 hour game. The examples you gave are impressive in terms of number of models you could buy. But when you point them up for a game you would not be able to field them all. And even if you could (presumably a high point game), the game would be unwieldy and take a long time. But go for it.

Anyway, onto another question:

I am starting to work out my force and models to buy, so wanted to clarify the rule you proposed for artillery for the challenge. When you say “For scenario points purposes, you can buy one off-board artillery unit of up to four batteries“, I’m assuming that in FFT terminology you mean:

“For scenario points purposes, you can buy one off-board artillery Fire Group (real world Battalion) of four Fire Units (real world Batteries/Companies)?”

And you go on to say that if people want to field more artillery, then they effectively lose this ‘free’ artillery and have to purchase the minis for all of their artillery? So since we’re doing 1:1 basing, I assume each model would represent a Fire Unit (battery) in FFT3 terms? So a pack of 12 models would allow you to represent 12 batteries (a full real world Brigade/Regiment), arranged as either:
  • 4x Fire Groups, each of 3x Fire Units (models = batteries). (ie. 4x Fire Groups each with no Availability modifier).
  • 3x Fire Groups, each of 4x Fire Units (models = Batteries) (ie. 3x Fire Groups each with a +1 Availability modifier).

Is this correct?