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Rod Robertson

On another website, which will remain un-named, several suggestions have started the germ of an idea for how to handle this. Two posters suggested using areas around the table edge to deploy off-board weapons, sniper teams and other resources which will play a role in the on-table combat. My table can be either 12.5′ X 7.5′ or 10′ X 7.5′ in size. If I tape off a cordon of 12 inches around the edge of the table that leaves a playing surface of either 10.5′ X 5.5′ or 8′ X 5.5′. The cordon could then be divided into either 6″ X 6″ or 4″ X 4″ squares providing a band of range zones around the table where support weapons, OP’s, CAS or Arty spotters, snipers etc. Could be deployed to interact with the closer manoeuvre and combat on the main playing area.

These bands of off table range zones could represent stand-off distances of up to either 500 m for 6″ X 6″ squares or up to 350 m for smaller 4″ X 4″ squares. Units positioned in the cordon could be from either side’s forces perhaps having successful infiltrated behind or been left-behind the enemy’s front line formations. I need to come up with rules for deployment and possibly movement and contact in the cordon. Perhaps this could also be used to set up small side battles as units come into contact in the cordon. Then there would be an option to either resolve the cordon conflict quickly to maintain the momentum of the main game or to fight a short, sharp mini-game on a small board in another room if time and enough players permit.

This might also work for Cold War gone hot combat and could give more relevance to units traditionally overlooked or used incorrectly like direct fire self-propelled artillery, Special Ops teams, AA units, helicopters, etc. Finally those Spetsnaz teams in the Hind-24’s or Hip-8’s might do something meaningful in a game! As Mike says, there is much to ponder and work out.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Roberson.