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Allen Curtis

So Mexican Jack convinced you he was a “professor of Native American studies”?  I tell you, there’s one born any minute.

I sort of question whether any academic in that field would  offer such a blessing, unless he was just talking out of his hat.  The Native Americans and First Nation peoples of the Northeastern Unites States and maritime Canada themselves have very little information on their forebears’ appearance or weaponry much before the later European contacts of the c.15th.  Shortage of artifacts, you see: look up Thule culture, for example, and you’ll find tools and hunting kit found in common sites with Norse artifacts, but not man-killing items.  I would say that the range so far looks entirely credible.  But then I’d say that the indigenous people portrayed in the film Pathfinder might well not be too far off, either, whereas the “Vikings”?  Oh, my.