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I dunno, I take some time off from the Hobby to try and regain some long lost gaming Mojo, and come back to find this – AB departing from the one true scale! – something is very wrong……..

Actually, being a Huuuuuuuuumongous Robert E Howard fan, am really happy to see this new direction of yours, and some barbarically good scenics and terrain you have been producing too, along with some great painting of the Conanesque minis – your main protagonist has a nice brooding look – and I think his female partner is going to be pretty deadly too……

As to tiny villagers – ummm, isn’t that exactly the right set of proportions? – put scrawny dirt scratching farmers next to ‘Heroic’ warriors and they’re spot-on – hell, put me and my majestic 5’8″ in a line-up between Schwarzenegger and Jason Momoa and I’d look a little on the small side too!

Talking of trees, what sort are you waiting on? – I’ve got quite a lot of spare stuff knocking around that is going begging, if you’re interested…… In the meantime, keep up the good work!