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NKL Aerotom

Hi Don, the field of fire for fixed-forward weapons in Lacquered Coffins is very strict: it extends in a straight line from the aircraft’s nose. If this doesn’t cross another aircraft’s base, none can be targeted. Fighters wanting to line up a shot will “maneuver and fire”, making a turn so that they’re pointing at the enemy and then roll their pilot check to see if they actually get any strikes.

Bombers and aircraft with flexible mounts don’t usually have to maneuver at all in order to fire, and have very large fields of fire, depending on the location and capabilities of the mount.

Since there are negatives when attacking a target head-on (45 degrees either side of an aircraft’s nose), heading is quite important. Turning is also quite strict, and fighter type aircraft (for example) will lose speed for every 90 degrees of turn they make. Sometimes heading is so important that a few degrees can mean the difference between being able to attack the enemy and not.


Hope that answers your questions. There is an example game on the wargame vault page you can watch if you like – will show you how the system plays.