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John D Salt

Getting to the end of a copy of John Prados’ “Pentagon Wargames” (HarperCollins 1987) I forgot I had. My previous book completed was Dudley Pope’s “Flag 4” (USNIP 2006) which I found oddly dull for such an intrinsically fascinating topic, coastal forces in the Med. Prior to that I polished off David Zabecki’s excellent “Steel Wind” (Praeger, 1994), a fine account not only of Bruchmuller’s artillery tactics, but also of the influence they subsequently had on the artillery doctrine of other major powers. At work I seem to have accidentally read practically the whole of Rosenberg and Dekel’s “Terminal Ballistics” (Springer, 2012) which I was tying to just dip into to extract a few key formulae, but I got distracted. I started Liddell-Hart’s “The Rommel Papers” (da Capo, undated) but drifted off a bit before France has even fallen properly. I may return to that first, or else continue the naval theme with one or other of the next two on my reading pile, Frederick Bell’s “Condition Red” (Uncommon Valor, undated) about destroyers in the Pactific or Mike Pearson’s “Red Sky in the Morning” (Pen and Sword, 2007) about the battle of the Barents Sea.

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