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Shaun Travers

Hello Jack,


Sorry but way to busy to do a decent response but yes, after being introduced to IABSM, I wrote some rules that used 1 base = 1 squad rules but with IABSM card activation and 3 actions for regulars etc.  Played them a few times with a friend and seemed to work fine.  I will see what I can dig up.  Note that my current 6mm are derived from IABSM card activation with 1 base = 1 section and results are pinned, suppressed and KO but no longer get 3 dice for actions (the latter to really speed up the game).

I have some ideas on how easy it could be (hah, easy he says!) to do what you ask it but it may be a few days before I can get to this.  The one that comes to mind is you throw d6 as per normal for combat and count hits where 1 – pinned, 2 – suppressed 3 = KO. Hits could be as simple as 4+ is a hit. Dice or the to hit number  can go up or down based on range, green/regular/veteran, cover/no cover.  And if you used dice for other things e.g. movement, you will have less dice for combat.  One thing I came across recently was the GoalSystem RPG that on a roll of a dice has 1-3 = 0 successes, 4-5 is 1 success, 6 is 2 successes.  I have used this for my last two games and it worked fantastic.  If it was me I would use this instead of 4+ to hit – this way a single die roll still has a chance of causing a suppression (on a 6).