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Just Jack

Martin – In the overall scheme of things, I love those two rulesets’ combat mechanisms for their simplicity, but I wanted to consult with guys that play IABSM regularly to make sure I wasn’t going to lose out on, or break, some other aspect of the rules.  The action dice + figure removal + shock work to give a really, really subtle ‘grinding down’ of squad/section capability; I’m not scared of combat results being more ‘sudden’ or decisive, I just want to make sure I’m not losing out on something I’m not seeing.  In the end, the most simple answer is usually the right one though, right?  Use Crossfire or 5Core combat mechanisms!

Shaun – You and simple DO NOT belong in the same sentence; Panda either, for that matter! 😉
But I’m smelling what you’re cooking, except for the Goalsystem comment.  When you speak of rolling for successes, are you talking about orders (like Black Powder’s activation system: I want this unit to move up, fire, then move again, I roll, and they only had two successes so they just move up and fire), or combat successes (i.e., a unit can take three hits prior to being knocked out)?  Regarding the last sentence, rolling 4+ to hit could still have a chance to suppress if you do a second roll (save roll, or effects roll), right?  I do like a single roll (like 5Core) though!

Thanks guys!