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NKL Aerotom

On what basis do you differentiate (via game mechanics) between the fine and gross maneuvering of the aircraft?  In what way do they deserve different treatment/separate steps in the game?

The ‘gross’ maneuvering is where you have complete control over where the aircraft is facing and its position in space, the ‘fine’ maneuvering represented by pilot checks introduces the element of chance, beyond the control of the player and where pilot quality is more important than the player’s skill.

This keeps a balance between complete control and the random-ness of combat.


Physical movement of the model (representing ‘pointing’ at the target)

Where the player has complete control and can place the aircraft wherever they like in space

A pilot check die roll (representing ‘fine tuning’ of the pointing)

Where there is an element of random-ness and where pilot quality is more important than player skill – representing the skill of the pilot in performing a maneuver – Be it a steep dive, immelmann, or a ‘maneuver and attack’

A damage roll (which, presumably, represents the quality of the aforementioned ‘fine tuning’)

Which represents how much damage is caused by the attack – and involves a combination of factors – speed difference, pilot skill, armament, armor, facing (negatives for attacking head-on), range and the enemy attempting to go evasive.

Think of the process as ‘my control’ – ‘pilots control’ – ‘damage inflicted’