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NKL Aerotom


What?  The player and the pilot are two different entities?

Hence why pilot quality exists in the game, and is important. Poor quality pilots cost less in points, and are capable of much less. Average quality pilots perform averagely and are relatively cheap

Good quality pilots are pretty expensive, perform pretty well, and get bonuses to damage. They also never lose speed or altitude if they fail a pilot check

Ace pilots are even more expensive, almost never fail, get even larger bonuses to damage, and are much harder to hit (if you know how to enter and exit a snap roll consistently, you are incredibly hard to hit…).

This way people have the option of spamming many low quality pilots, or taking a few good quality pilots, or an average amount of average pilots. Good quality and Ace pilots can cost as much as a good fighter aircraft (20 and 30 points respectively – a Bf 109 costs 20 points) So the balance of aircraft and pilots adds an interesting dynamic to building your lists for the game.