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Guy Farrish

Finally saw the last episode on iplayer.

I enjoyed it.


It tended to fall between a few stools in the end. Wasn’t sure if it wanted to be a romp, a brooding period piece or macabre gothic. It was a bit Georgian Jason Bourne at times. There was quite a lot of ‘with a bound he was free’.

And for head of a maritime nation Prinny and his minions seem to have forgotten the Royal Navy in the end.

‘Kill Delaney… oh but if he sets foot on a ship, all bets are off. That River Thames looks a bit rough to chase him on. Best let him go.’

Wasn’t convinced by the 19th century letter bomb either to be honest.

A good romp, but I have to confess I’m still not entirely sure why he did most of what he did in the way he did it.

I wonder if they will follow James et al to the far Azores?