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General Slade

Thanks Steelonsand,

I hadn’t realised that Mark Adkin had done a book on the Charge.  I’ll have to look out for it.  I’ve already got his Waterloo book and I knew he’d done Trafalgar and Gettysburg.

The reason I asked about the lances was because in the French army during the latter part of the Napoleonic wars the doctrine was for only the first rank to be armed with lances and the second rank just had sabres.  This wasn’t a case of them discarding the lances – the lances were never issued.  I think this is also true of the lancers of some other nations (I think when some Russian hussar regiments were armed with lances in 1812/13 they were also only given to the first rank).  However, I think that in some armies both ranks were lance-armed so I was wondering which option the British military went for.