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Sane Max

Good luck Ochoin – that whole range of Caesar figures is a wonderful thing for a Biblical Gamer. I still own, unpainted after about twenty years, everything I need to build a WAB Imperial Assyrian army in 28mm – except the Chariots. They are just so pricey I could always find another entire army to buy for the same price as a dozen of them, and a game looks looks daft with not enough of them. But in 20mm I can field a proper NKE or Hittite army with massed units of chariotry for really very little money, and at that scale they look so beautiful on a table

and if you plonked your Imagibiblicals on a table and informed your opponent it was a ‘Moabite army’, or a’Hittite successor state’ force, there would be almost nothing he could do to gainsay you. Hope to see pictures of the completed force.


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