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Rod Robertson

Tim and Kyoteblue:

Oh don’t worry, gents. I do and I will. But I also like a bit of historical accuracy in some of my games. From what I understand at this point these battles were on par with the Stalingrad city battles for their military importance to the outcome of the Stalingrad struggle and the destruction of Von Paulus’ 6th Army and they also nearly bled Stalin and Zhukov dry of reserves.

I have managed to cobble together one scenario from August 26th, 1942. The Germans have two hastily dug in and under-strength infantry platoons of two ten-man squads each plus one LMG per squad. They are also outfitted with two 50mm mortars and two two-man ATR teams. They are supported by two MG-34 MMG teams. The infantry screen and protect two 50mm PaK 38 AT guns and their crews plus two Opel Blitz trucks. There is a FOO team with a Kubelwagen spotting for 4 X 10.5 cm LeFH-18 guns off-board. The arty has very limited access due to workload and low ammo so only has a 30% chance of starting its one fire mission on any given turn and only a 60% chance of maintaining fire on the target. The Germans are further supported by one detachment of two StuG III B SPG’s accompanied by one squad of protective infantry with two LMG’s entering on Turn 3-5 randomly.

The Soviets start the game with two under-strength platoons of infantry dug in, each with a platoon HQ team, one section of 9 Soviet infantry (with one LMG per section) and one conscript rifle squad each with 11 riflemen. They are well dug in and camouflaged. There is also a Maxim MMG team in support. They protect a 45mm M1932 AT gun and its crew along with a Komsomolyetz tractor. These are deployed on board about 200 meters from the German positions.

Entering on turn one from the Soviet base line are two platoons of Soviet desant riflemen (two Ptn. HQ squads and four ┬ádesant squads) on seven T-34/76 M1942 medium tanks. The desant squads are eight-man squads each with two SMG’s and six riflemen. The battle lasts for at least twelve turns and the Soviets must clear all heavy weapons (PaK’s, StuG’s, ATR’s, MMG’s and Mortars from the board. The Germans must deny the Soviets mobility by maintaining at least on PaK or StuG intact and operational and at least two lesser support weapons, likewise functional. Morale is far more likely to disable these weapons than actual physical destruction but the Germans have good moral (regular for all but the StuG crews which are veterans) so some will have to be destroyed. Soviet morale is lower (green) so their attack force is quite brittle.

The terrain is rolling steppe which is divided by some intermittent light woods and a shallow stream running roughly parallel to the base-lines of both sides. The stream is completely fordable with low banks but the tracked vehicles can safely cross with an easy bog check. The stream is about one third the distance from the Soviet base line to the German base line and is as far as the initial Soviet forces can deploy before the game starts.. There is one small, ruined farm complex in the German deployment area and no structures in the Soviet area.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.