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Beevors Stalingrad is cheap and might cover, but tbh, most accounts of operations in mid 1942 are just that, operations at divisional or corps level and above. Turning that into Tactical games can lead to the silliness of some of the Skirmish Campaigns scenarios where an entire panzer division assault on a city is reduced to one Panther and half a dozen infantry fighting over a hedge.

Id just fund out the names of the parents formations and then make up some vaguely plausible scenarios in a sequence. Recce, assault, counterattack and exploitation are enough for a mini campaign with maybe an encircled uni breaking out to add an extra twist.

Platoons and companies are expendable puffs of smoke in the overall scale of fighting in 1942.

"Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke