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John D Salt

John D Salt’s post is one of the most heartwarming things I have ever read.

If that is the sort of thing to warm your cockles, you must be emotionally starved to a degree unusual even at the wargamery end of what we like to call “the spectrum”.

I blame you for the fact that I have now had to order myself a copy of the Ladybird Book of the Indians of the Western Plains. I was also sorely tempted by the Ladybird Book of Quantum Mechanics by Jim al-Khalili. It is a matter of continuing regret to me that the Ladybird Book of the Soldier was never updated to account for the changed structure of arms and services in the British Army when the original was rendered obsolete by the Strategic Defence Review of 1996. Politicians never think of the consequences when they start mucking about with force structures.

All the best (within the emotional range of a teaspoon),