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Rod Robertson

Dr. Salt:

Thanks for the sources you linked to above. I have read them including your head me brew translation and have enjoyed them while taking notes. They have filled in some gaps in my gap-ridden understanding of these battles north of Stalingrad and more importantly they will let me springboard into more lines of enquiry. They are much appreciated.

A few years back I watched a Russian TV series about a group of women pilots in the Great Patriotic War called in English, “The Attackers”. In that series the subtitles translated “Есть” into a single “Aye!”.  So while not British Army parlance, it seems to be an accepted option. Not speaking any Russian, I offer this observation for the sake of completeness and not as a critique of your decisions in translation. You are far more qualified than I am to do this.

To all:

As to the battles around Kotluban, my initial research has led me to believe that there were six major attacks around the village and railhead. The first one starting on August 24th or 25th does not seem to be discussed much so that is where I will direct my research first.


Then I will proceed chronologically through the battles until the last one. I’m hoping to get at least on scenario out of each battle and if I can link a series of scenarios through one battle, well that will be great! Once finished here it will be off to the Rizhev Meatgrinder for some action there.

I may also pick your collective brains about how best to create digital maps for small scale scenarios, as being a dinosaur (and a Luddite dinosaur at that), I have always just drawn them on paper and then photocopied them for games. I guess it’s time to drag myself into the digital age in this regard.

If I may, I will post up the scenarios as I create them in the hopes that they may inspire constructive criticism and commentary. Any and all will be free to use them in any capacity that they want (as I am a Digger as well as a Luddite) and if they inspire anybody to play a game or two that’s just gravy! Thanks for all your help present and future.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.