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I think in the next 5 – 10 years we will see 3D printing advancing and detail will and is getting better.  Look at the home PC market, 25 years ago 2 mega bites of memory was considered good enough, now look at how many mega bites you get in a laptop.  As pointed out home 3D printers are not there in the fine detail yet, I think 3D printing shops on the high street will start setting up in the next couple of years.  So in 10 years you will go to a wargame show, see a beautifully 3D printed and painted army.  Then buy a memory stick with a one time code with the number and quality of figures you want, take it to your local high street 3D print shop, pay them for a print run.  For example 300 25mm 3D printed marching 18th century infantry (with officers, drummers) unpainted £120, or same number of figures with block colour no shading £240, or same army full colour and shading £360.  Pure guess work on prices but I hope you catch my gist.