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Rod Robertson

Martin R.

Thank you! I’ll take a closer look at it this weekend coming.

To all:

I am once again perplexed. At the time of the Kotluban operations the Soviet 24 Army had the 383rd Tank Destroyer Regt assigned to it. I can’t figure out what kit such a unit might use c. August – November 1942. Both SU-57’s and SU-76’s were yet to be deployed. There were precious few Zis-30 57mm SPAT (only about 100 ever made) and most seem to have been destroyed by early 1942. So what kit would the 383 TDR have likely used in 1942? Does anyone have an inkling they can share? Sorry to pester you all with such picayune minutiae but I’m trying to get this right.

Cheers and good gaming.

Rod Robertson.