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Um, contact you how?

With the name ‘Breton’, I guess that you’re in France. I’m in Ohio. Are you interested in paying trans-Atlantic postage? It’s very expensive to ship a small package outside of the US.

Out of curiosity, why are you looking for Frontier miniatures in particular? They’re long OOP, hard to find, were good in their day, but aren’t up to the latest sculpting standards. There are other 25mm Plains Indians and Apaches of similar height and heft currently in production, from Rafm and Minifigs, for example, that would fill out an old school 25mm collection.

My email is zippy-at-fuse-dot-net. I am going on a rod trip this evening to the Cold Wars game convention in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I don’t do email on my phone, so I may not respond until next week, when I’m home again.



You'll shoot your eye out, kid!