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Howdy zippyfusenet

I regularly receive parcel post from the U.S.A. So it’s playable, if it’s worth it …

I collect all that I can in Plains indians, rocky mountain indians and apaches 25 to 35 mm metal figures (and even 40 and 42 mm) for indians wars post 1850 and those that I like to look for and find are The lots of Plain indains, Rocky Mountain Indians and Apaches of Frontier miniatures …

The more old it is, the more fun it is for me to find them and make wargames with …

If you can help me find the following complet references from Frontiere miniatures:

F0814Mtd Plains Indians
F0815Dsmtd Plains Indians
F0816Mtd Apaches
F0817Dsmtd Apaches

The Frontier Miniatures Plain Indians 25 mm figures have separate heads, from the following tribes:

Sioux, Crow, Cheyenne, Blackfoot or Nose Perce …

I want all variants of their heads and torso … and even only their heads if someone could publish an old catalog or see them in photos, that would be interesting.

All the information and photos on these references are welcome.

For that contact me at: [email protected]