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I’m rather traditionalist regarding the definitions of fantasy species,  for me an Orc is man-sized or a bit larger and stronger; and not very cunning (I prefer the little Goblins to be the cunning elements of a goblinoid group, and Orcs the strong ones); but skin colour is not a problem (I think Tolkien didnt’t say that they are green?)

However, in a Sci-Fi context, humans who meet a new alien species could call them “Orcs” just because they don’t like them, they’ll know the name because they will read the LOTR in the future too; and so this species will be known as “Orcs”. They are lots of examples in history of nicknames being given to nations or ethnic groups.

…And later, when peace will come after the end of the terrible future wars between the humans and these “Orcs”, they will probably ask to be given their real name in their own language instead of this pejorative name inspired by old human fantasy literature…