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Guy Farrish

Geoff, sorry, I should perhaps have been clearer – I understand why you would use a print shop vice home production, I don’t get the print shop vice factory/central manufacturer.

I suppose the ‘instant’ gratification works to an extent but how many print shops will there be? Given other users requirements (presumably wargamers alone wouldn’t make this a viable option) and how many you figures might want, I wonder if the time saving will be that great?

Depends on the manufacturer I suppose- some turn around orders in a couple of days – others – well I’m into the third week of waiting for one at the moment – I’m a patient guy who grew up in the era of send for a catalogue, post a postal order off and a few months after first interest wonder what this parcel was all about when it arrived, so it’s okay for me but I can see that may irk the younger generation.

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