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These are two very different times and both armies would be different in each period.

I don’t have info for 1529 but this is a rough guide to what was at 1683, not including the garrison inside.

Poles: 14000 cavalry, 10000 infantry

Austrians: 13000 cavalry, 8000 infantry

German allies (Bavarians, Saxons and minor German states): 75oo cavalry, 21500 infantry

The Polish cavalry were roughly 1 Winged Hussar, 3 Pancerni, 1- Light Horse, 1+ Dragoons

The Austrian cavalry was 14 Cuirass, 4 Dragoons, 2 (probably small) light cavalry.

The German allies were 11 Cuirass, 4 Dragoons and a small guard unit.


I hope that helps but I would say, as others have, Pikemans lament is not the set of rules to do these battles. But of course that is up to you.


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