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Just Jack

Vicki – “Do you appreciate we’ve been hanging around this thread for a month so we can reply within minutes of you posting?”
Hmmm…  Now that you mention it, it is a little creepy 😉

And regarding Shady…  Stop being a Shady Lover! 😉  He is a pretty good shot, and he didn’t actually shoot any of his own comrades (though Gutierrez might have something to say about that), but medals generally come due to a bit of aggressiveness, not hanging back, or with quite a bit of influence, and he’s just a Private.  I’ll see if we can work on the leadership issue 😉

John – Pike and Shotte???  Ottomans???  I have one word for you: Elvira.  Get your ass back in the 20th Century, where you belong!  Okay, given your age, you’re probably good with Pike and Shotte, but I mean where your wargaming activities belong 😉  I have played four aerial dogfights in the Dutch East Indies on my Island Hopping campaign, about ready to have the Marine platoon fight against some Japanese at Palembang.  I’m also reading “Battalion of the Damned” about 1st Marine Parachute Battalion at Gavutu-Tanambogo and Edson’s Ridge, so kinda rearing to get to the Canal.

So many ideas, so little time…