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Angel Barracks

So I have been writing some new rules to cover situations not covered in the rules and writing some spells and various bits and bobs.
I am going to try some magic soon, but after much deliberation am going to change the summoning rules.

Currently the summoned creature has a dice value.
Let say 10.
As it stands you only summon the creature when you have spent as many dice as your conversion rates allows to reach that 10.
So say your conversion rate is 2:1 you will have to have spent 20 dice from your dice pool to summon a 10 dice monster.
I am going to change this and assign summoned creatures a value and you have to reach this value in rolled dice.
So in the case of the 10 dice monster you will have to have rolled 70 in total. (2d6 give an average of 7 and with it being a 10 dice monster that means having to have used 10 lots of 2d6).

This makes the summoning of creatures random, before it was known exactly when the creature would be summoned based on how many turns it would take to save up.
However by rolling it allows some uncertainty and also makes it a bit more interesting, more fun to roll dice than to count turns.

This does also allow for luck, a well jammy wizard could have a 10 dice pool, decide to roll 9 dice and get all 6’s meaning it is almost summoned in one turn.
This puts the pressure on!

Anyway, I am going to try this out and see how it goes.

Also I have been penning some new rules as alluded to above, shall I post them in here or start a new topic to keep this the official CROM! topic, or shall we pool all our ramblings here?

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