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Steve Lampon

Terrain Book

The Setting the Scene terrain book is finished and has been sent for proofing. Pat and I are now asking for those people who have previously shown interest to definitely commit to buying the book.

The price for the book is £17.50
UK postage 1st/2nd class is £1.74/£1.58
Europe £5.15
World Zone 1 £7.45 (North & South America, Africa, Asia).
World Zone 2 £7.90 (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore).

We are not asking for money yet, please just go to the special page that Pat has set up on his blog and state how many copies you want. We can then get a better idea of what the final print run will be, we will obviously print some ‘overs’ but we cannot afford to print too many. Here is the link.


We will be asking for payment when we send the book for the actual print run which will be in about 10-14 days time.

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