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RDF base, recreational room – Proxima B

Trooper Giles walks into the recreational room. Just as Trooper Kate Collins sinks the 8 ball.
“That’s three in row you’ve won” Says Trooper Andy Watson
“I wouldn’t play with her and expect to win. She’s a demon when it comes to playing Poole”. Smirks Giles.
“Well, some got it and some haven’t” she relies
“Come on Kate, rack ‘em up. I need to win one at least before we go on shift”. Says Watson.

Giles grabs a tablet off the table and starts to look at the days news back on Mars. It’s not very often the gate opens. So the opportunity to send signals through it back to Mars are limited. Without the gate any comms signals would take light years to make it.
“Hey I wonder if they’ve sent us Playboy of the month” he says jokingly.
“Marian news is getting boring”
“Hey Collins! Why don’t you go on the front page of next months edition?” Says Giles, laughing at his own humour. The young 20 year old looks at him and frowns.
“I’m a soldier, not your bloody sex fantasy”

Giles laughs again when the door opens and The RDF Trooper walks in. He throws his PBR32 assault rifle on the Poole table. Sending the balls in all directions.
“That thing doesn’t belong on there does it? Why don’t you take it to the armoury?” Snaps Collins
“Alright, alright keep your hair on sweetheart.” Jeers The RDF Trooper
“You’re a real moron aren’t you?” Snaps Watson
The RDF Trooper looks at him and scowls.
“And you’re really dead aren’t you?” he replies with hate and destain.

Nether Troopers Collins or Watson saw the snub nose silenced pistol. Two muted rounds struck Watson dead centre, killing him instantly. Collins was quick to react. She turned to move and got to the end of the table when a round hit her in the hip. She spins around and collapses in pain. Giles shoots up from his seat still holding the tablet. He runs towards the rear door as The RDF Trooper tacks him. He squeezes the trigger and a round finds its mark on the centre of his spine. He yells and falls backwards.

“Ahrrrr, what……the hell” screams Collins, clutching at her hip.
“Hang on sweetheart, I’ll be with you in a moment” says The RDF Trooper

He walks over to the dying man. Trooper Giles squirms around in a pool of his own blood, face twisted in agony as he dies. The RDF Trooper looks down at him, head tiled.
“Oh, beautiful” He remarks “Just beautiful”

Meanwhile, while he was admiring his handy work. Trooper Collins manages to reach up and get a hand on the assault rifle which he left on the Poole table.

“Ah, no you don’t” He says snatching it away and kicking her to the floor.
“Take it to the armoury, yeah right. Maybe I should take you to the morgue!….IN BITS!” He screams
He revs up the Chayonet on the rifle and begins cutting into the young solider. Starting at her feet for maximum effect, as she begs for mercy.


The RDF Trooper exits though the door into the passage. Wiping the blood
from his face as he catches sight of Captain Fouquet staring at him.
“Room secure sir” Says The RDF Trooper, smirkingly.
Fouquet pushes past him and steps into the room. He quickly steps back out and closes the door.
“What the hell is the matter with you? I said detain them, not slaughter them like pigs”. He snaps
“Oh, spare me the euphemisms Fouquet. Don’t they looked detained to you?”
“You’ve taken care of the Raven from Mars I take it” Says Fouquet, ignoring his comment. The RDF Trooper nods.
“I’ve told Richards to incapacitate Colin and Clyde and bring them in. Those two could make valuable hostages. I’ve told him to kill the others” Fouquet continues. “That just leaves Shields and the controller in the C&C room”
“Want me to take care of them?” Grins The RDF Trooper.
“Good lord no. I don’t want the control room looking like a Butchers yard. I’ll do it. You go and get yourself cleaned up. You look like something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.
The RDF Trooper stomps off towards the washrooms. Fouquet watches him go as he thinks to himself that he’ll have to deal with him when the time is right. The man is clearly a manic.

To be continued……….

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