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Darkest Star Games

Thank you for the info, Bandit and Mike.  I really do appreciate it.

I’m in the total stone age compared to y’all.  I’m literally just using Weebly and their interface.  For the moment it works well enough as it links directly to paypal.  The storefront system allows me to very quickly and easily set up sales with an across the board basis or on just individual items.

What it doesn’t have is any sort of tracking as far as item popularity.  It’ll do inventory if you key it all in, but there’s really no reporting.  I think you can add apps to their system that allows for all of that, but to be honest I am not deep into the accounting side and don’t need that much detail.  As a one-man-band its pretty easy for me to be able to remember all of the stuff, but of course were I to become ill or something whomever came along to help out would probably be mortified at the lack of info.  Luckily my accountant has a good handle on it all.

I’ve often wondered what I am missing, as far as the e-commerce side goes.  DSG is really a hobby-business for me, a way to fund making the toys I want to play with, and hopefully others will want some of their own, so it’s not really intended to be a money making venture, not like a “real” business.  Reading the above though has made me wonder if I need to look into a deeper system…

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