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I’m collecting figures for two different Conan skirmish projects in 28mm and an additional one in 15mm.

I’ve been amassing 28mm figures for Conan gaming for more than ten years, though I’ve not achieved much in the way of painting them. For several years that was the only project I had – I’d fooled myself that I’d scrapped all other projects so that the entirety of my miniature gaming hobby was the Hyborian Age in 28mm. Eventually I took up other projects again, and when I returned to assess my Conan hoard I came to feel that it was too eclectic a mix of figures. The brunt was historical figures but there were also some really fantastical fantasticals that jarred with the historicals. So, I split it into two projects. One uses mainly historical figures and is more in keeping with REH’s original vision. The other is much more OTT, drawing mainly from the films, the comics (both Marvel and Dark Horse), the artwork from the 60s onward (Frazetta, Vallejo, etc) and the video game visuals. The former project is more extensive than the latter.

The 15mm project coalesced much more recently thanks to TWW. I suppose that in terms of style it’s more of an amalgam or a golden mean, but if I had to define the style as any one thing, the Marvel comics would be it. The Conan comics are just about the only thing Marvel ever made that I like.