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Willard Moore

Greetings Ivan and LaserStorm fans, Scott and I really enjoy the game down here in Huntsville, Alabma, and appreciate the chance to participate in the next revision.  As you know designing units with out a great deal of Excel work is painful.  Which forced me to build the Excel LasStorm Unit Designer and Army builder.  I think your system is very good, but we should focus on simplify the design system so more people can play without the need for an Excel design tool.  I think you should be able to design a unit by going through a set number of steps and using some simple formulas or look up tables.

Also, I would also like to see air craft separated out from Grav vehicles.  Right now we classify aircraft as Gravs with no limit.  The issue here is to require another set of weapon characteristics such as Anti Infantry, Anti Armor, and Anti Air.  I have a large number of VTOLS for ground attack and air transport, but I feel the game does not support the air combat portion dimension very well.  I know it is easy to envision weapons that engage ground targets just as well as air, but in truth the high speeds and altitudes of the aircraft can definitely justify another weapons category, and I have so many ADA vehicles and missile units that are sitting in the box and crying out for their birth right to join the battle.

Ivan, I will be touch,