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Brian Weathersby

The damage model is very detailed, because the rules are designed for moderate sized engagements and not fleet battles.  They even say “For every fleet action, there were a hundred frigate, sloop and small ship of the line engagements….  It is time for a game that focuses on the single ship duels and small squadron actions that were the main fare of sea officers – a game that provides you an opportunity to highlight seamanship and experience the differences in armament, crews and types of ships along with the details of sea tactics in this era.”

In my opinion, the AAR is evocative only because the game engine allows a level of detail that lets you look at the different types of damage.  What I didn’t put in the report above was that Cassard had taken 5 Hull hits out of 10 total.  If she had taken one more, she would have to man the pumps, or lose a half box per turn to flooding.  Her pumps were not repaired, and that takes a minimum of two game turns and you have to roll a 1-4 on a D12.  Also you can only repair rigging and one other damage type at a time.  If she abandoned repairing the wheel to work on pumps (and took another hull hit in the interim), she would have lost one full Hull box to flooding, even if she managed to make the repair.  She was truly at the point where the various types of damage were about to cascade into something catastrophic, barring some excellent die rolling.


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